Plying Technique

as discussed in a recent newsletter

wind around finger Do not pull the end of the yarn out of the orifice back to the bobbin. Rather, pull the yarn back out thru the orifice and wrap it a couple times around your left index finger.
Now, wrap all the yarn you wish to ply around your hand, evenly. Do not let it get tighter and tighter as you want it to release smoothly while plying.
After all the yarn you wish to ply has been wrapped on your hand, take the end off your index finger, and tie it to the other end of the yarn at the orifice.
Start plying, moving your fingers up and down thru the triangle made by the two strands and your hand to release more yarn as needed.

Control is maintained by spreading the fingers and by positioning your hand so that it is up or down, not with fingers pointing toward the orifice, so that only one circuit of yarn can be released at a time.

This photo is "hand up"

Here is Hand Down.

Keep going until all they yarn is plied.

Then you may remove this section from your bobbin and continue spinning without removing the bobbin.

This technique is valuble when one is trying out a new or different yarn, or one needs to spin just a little of something for a project without disrupting the large project currently under production.

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