North European Textiles

by Lise Bender-Jorgensen
Ms. Bender-Jorgensen identifies the weaves that are most common in the archeological finds she covers in this volume as:

a. Plain Weave (tabby)

b. Half Basketweave

c. Basketweave

d. 1/2 twill

e. 1/2 Rippenkoper
This structure was woven by
Carolyn Priest-Dorman for the sample exchange that occured in December of 2000.

f. 2/1 chevron

g. 2/1 lozenge

h. 2/2 diagonal twill

i. 2/2 chevron twill

j. 2/2 broken twill

k. 2/2 diamond twill

l. 2/2 broken diamond twill

m. kruzkoper

n. composite diamond twill

o. rosette twill (not the same as the Rosette twill from Caen, France)

p. honeycomb weave - note, this draft is 90 degrees from what LBJ indicates as "turning" the draft makes this weave a 4 shaft weave.

q. warp float patterned tabby -

This was woven by Gayle Bingham for the Complex Weavers' Medieval Textile Study Group sample exchange for the December 2001 issue of the newsletter.

r. samitum

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