"Viking Knitting" also called Trichinopoly

How's this for detail? 26 guage brass wire, undrawn

after drawing

This is the same piece, after drawing down to 9/64"

detail Hameenlinna Linnaniemi necklace

This is a detail from the Hameenlinna Linnaniemi treasure hord necklace.

anneal or not?

To Anneal or not? Annealing makes the drawing process much easier plus it makes the finished chain a little more flexable and less likely to fatigue in use. Top image is of the chain from the Crucifix from Taskula, Maaria (from Purhone). Both of the images in the photo were made using 26 ga brass and were drawn to 9/64" in diameter. Top chain in photo was not annealed, bottom one was annealed before and during drawing.

chain, from the Isle of Islay, found by William Campbell, Esq of Ballinaby from Anderson

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